Superconductivity in the vicinity of quantum critical point” Dr. Yoshihiko IHARA, June 10th

Jun 01, 2011
Event Date: Jul 10, 2011

1st Hokudai pure and applied physics salon


“Superconductivity in the vicinity of quantum critical point”


Yoshihiko IHARA


2nd building 409


June10th 17:00


L. N. Cooper found that the Fermi surface is destabilized by an infinitely small interaction if it is attractive. For electrons in solids, however, a secret trick is required to induce the attractive interactions out of  Coulomb repulsion, and eventually to cause superconductivity.
In these years, numbers of intriguing superconductors are found in the vicinity of the “quantum critical point”, where quantum fluctuations rather than thermal ones govern the physical properties. In this salon, I will review some of the new members of superconductors, and examine the quantum fluctuations as the driving force for superconductivity.