Philosophy of Science and Technology



  • Methodology of science
  • Scientific realism vs. antirealism
  • Prediction and Accommodation
  • Philosophy of risk analysis
  • Prediction and Accommodation
  • Uncertainty of science
  • Value-free vs. value-laden science
  • Interpretation of probability and statistics
  • Philosophy of space-time
  • Research ethics, engineering ethics


Research for fundamental problems in philosophy of science and application of it to practical matters in science and technology


Basic concerns of philosophy of science are what lies in the assumptions of science and what makes scientific reasoning valid. Philosophers of science have explored these topics for many years often with purely philosophical interests. But today as the demand of society is increasing for accountability of science and for some epistemic grounds of societal acceptance of scientific research, it’s being anticipated that philosophy of science can be applied in meeting this demand. Our lab particularly focuses on this new respect of philosophy of science. We hope those students who are interested in such an applied philosophy of science will join us.

Notice: This laboratory does not accept graduate students.

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