About us

Physics – a discipline that studies the universality of the natural world

Physics is a discipline that studies universal laws and principles that each and every entity in the natural world follows. The early 20th century saw the establishment of quantum theory, and modern physics has been having a tremendous impact on science and technology ever since. Studying physics leads us to understand the foundation of every branch of science and technology, which leads us to acquire tools and perspectives that allow us to navigate the rapidly changing world of science and technology flexibly.

The Department of Physics has about 40 staff members. They provide quality education and they conduct quality research under the principle of “cross-fertilisation of creative research and education practices”, aiming to produce graduates capable of making contributions globally. Our students study quantum mechanics, relativity, the cosmos, elementary particles, etc. They also learn about semiconductors, superconductivity, etc. and carry out associated experiments, providing them with opportunities to acquire engineering techniques. Our graduates are highly sought-after because of the grounding that students develop in this learning environment.